A Lifetime of Learning

Our specialists are pioneers in their respective  fields.  We believe learning doesn't stop when you graduate, it's a lifelong endeavor that requires a true love & passion for the profession.  We promote collaboration, advanced education, & a perpetual open mind

Innovative Approach

At Indigo Veterinary Specialty Services, we see the BIG picture!  So often in medicine, the patient is caught up in a game of "tunnel vision".  We have the ability to think outside the box & develop a treatment plan that covers the WHOLE patient...not just one aspect of their concern

Practical Application

 Veterinary Medicine is constantly evolving - at times for the greater good of the patient - but not always.  At Indigo Veterinary Specialty Services, we pride ourselves in our approach to quality medicine that doesn't just follow the latest money making fad 

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries

Without them, humanity cannot survive

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